Samsung SuperSwypers: the fastest journalists on earth (for free)

New service SuperSwypers gives you a personal journalist for events you can't attend

There’s a huge number of events in the summer: concerts, festivals... and then of course there’s also your grandmother’s birthday. For all those people who are away on holiday, or have other commitments clashing with their favourite events, Samsung Mobile is introducing the SuperSwypers service. A SuperSwyper is a roving personal reporter that can be sent anywhere to do blow-by-blow reporting for you. SuperSwypers are quick because they use Swype, the fastest way to input text on touchscreens.
In August, a large team of personal reporters, called SuperSwypers, will doing blow-by-blow reporting on a huge range of events. Events the public chooses: events you can't attend, but don't want to miss. Everybody in the Netherlands will be able to direct a SuperSwyper to an event of their choice: Grandpa’s birthday, a massive festival, even a blind date. So whether you aren’t able to go to your grandfather’s birthday because you’re going to a concert, or you’re missing your favourite concert because you’re at your grandpa’s, send a SuperSwyper. The service has been set up by Samsung Mobile. SuperSwypers will endeavour to process as many requests as possible. All SuperSwyper reports, several at the same time, will be coming in live via the website After the event, a complete report, called a ‘SwypeStory’, is compiled, and can be downloaded and placed on your own website.

Samsung Mobile introduces the SuperSwypers service to promote its superfast Swype system, the new input method for touchscreen devices. Swype enables inputting words in one flowing motion across the screen, allowing 50% faster word processing. Swype will first be available on the Samsung Galaxy S; the device all SuperSwypers will be using to do their reporting. All photos and videos that the SuperSwypers are going to distribute will also be taken with the Samsung Galaxy S.

Location based services and social media
Through a unique partnership with (a social network allowing you to indicate where you are, like Foursquare) participants are able to follow their SuperSwypers’ whereabouts live at all times where they check in to write their SwypeStory, via the website, and on Apart from, the SuperSwypers will also be using Foursquare, Mobypicture (for photos and videos) and Twitter to do their reporting. On the Facebook page, events are created for all SuperSwyper reporting assignments. So even your grandmother’s birthday can become a Facebook event. If you happen to check in on a spot where there is a SuperSwyper, you get the special SuperSwyper badge. The SuperSwyper starts every SwypeStory with a personal video for the one who isn't able to attend the event. Then the SuperSwyper reports on everything that he sees, smells, hears and feels on the event. During the event he makes video's and photo's. Samsung finishes the services by making a personal PDF (using Issuu) with the complete SwypeStory. 

Spot the SuperSwyper
There will be several occasions in August in which the SuperSwyper, recognisable by their SuperSwyper outfit, will be the centre of attention. If you are the first to see him or her at that event, and say the predefined codeword to them, you will immediately receive a Samsung Galaxy S. The codeword will be transmitted through, Foursquare, Twitter, the SuperSwypers website, and on the event itself. 


Journalists, too, are often much too busy. One cannot be in two places at once. Whether you’re feeling like a quiet evening, not wanting to miss an aunt’s birthday, or if you would like a SuperSwyper to just simply do your job for you, send one on their way through

SuperSwypers can be dispatched until the 31st of August, 2010, through

Muse Amsterdam, in partnership with Starcom and Cheil, is responsible for the concept, strategy, design, and production of the SuperSwypers campaign for Samsung Mobile. 

Samsung Mobile (Client)
Marketing Manager: Geert Mol
Product Manager: Caroline Teengs

Muse Agency (creation // design // production)
Creative Director: Sander Ejlenberg
Concept: Liat Azulay, Karlijn van den Berg
Design: Elano Collaco, Donnie de Meijer, Cas Hamers, Sjoerd Derine
Account Manager: Julien Rappy, Michael Littaur
Project Manager: Wouter Donkers, Eline van der Stok
Photography: Jasper Suyk

Cheil Netherlands (Advertising)
Online Manager: Monique van Overveld
Offline Manager: Sanne Troost

Starcom (Media)
Digital Strategy Director: Richard van der Wilk
Senior Digital planner: Sabine Poort
Media planner: Priscilla Trouerbach

Media Monks (online development)
Account Manager: Xander Amo, Wesley Ter Haar
Project Manager: Quinten Beek, Arjen Warendorff
Developer: Tim Ruiters

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